Shipping Agency

Owners’ Protective Agency.
Shipping Agency.
Cargo Tally.
Steel and Pipe Pre-loading / discharging and out turn services.
Discharge Supervision.


Petroleum Survey Basrah Oil terminal BOT. (Basrah Oil Terminal, Khor al Zubair and Khor Al Aumyah , LPG Terminal - International Petroleum Surveyors ).
Food Surveys including grain surveys.
Container condition and containerized cargo inspection (Dry , ISO tank and reefer).
General cargo inspection.
Quantity and quality inspection for edible oil products.
Loading/discharge supervision.
Tank Calibraton Services.
Draught Surveys.
Hold inspection.
Condition survey.
On/Off Hire Bunker Survey.
Hull & Machinery inspection , including CAP rating program for tankers.
Cargo gear inspection.
Towing Survey (Tugs & Barges).
Hot & Cold Work Permit.
Confined Space Entry Permit.
Compass Adjusting.
Pre purchase Survey.

Ship to Ship (STS)

We are first company in Iraq has worked in this job and We are able to issue all the cargo documents and we have specialization masters in this area with experience more than 30 years , The transferring liquid bulk from ship to ship is a highly technical and challenging operation that requires not only specialised skills and equipment, but also rapid mobilisation capability and in-depth experience in dealing with contingency situations. All operations are handled by trained and experienced personnel to ensure safe control.


We have 4 years’ experience in the receipt and unloading of containers and delivery to the final recipient , follow-up for containers from the port of loading to return again we have good staff who worked for several lines as cosco line.

Marine & commercial Supply

A- Marine Safety B- Marine & Industrial Paints C- Marine Lights D- Portable Marine Lights E- Safety Signs Training Posters (Maritime Progress) F- ICOM Marine Handheld VHF Radio We have a team of competent, who can provide a thorough report on a vessel for pre purchase on behalf of prospective buyers.


Legacy continues with its policy to transport & move goods quickly, efficiently and economically in Iraq backed by one of the most successful, financially-stable companies in the business. With our extensive overseas network and experienced staff, we are very proud to offer the highest quality of services. Our experienced staff will show ability to handle all customers' needs efficiently and effectively.

Cargo Tally

The objective of this service is to provide assurance that the number or quantity of goods to be shipped or received is the same as described in shipping documents such as bill of lading, Mates receipt, letter of credit or other documents. Buyers and / or sellers are offered the opportunity to order a tally or count of the goods or material at the time of loading/unloading to obtain confidence that the quantity of goods loaded/ unloaded are the same as the number purchased, i.e., described on the purchase order’s product description, product specification and features.

Custom Clearance

The Customs Team at Sea Crown are here to provide you with all your customs clearance needs. We offer full services for both imports and exports, covering air, sea. We have global expertise in both commodity classifications and different Government rules and regulations to ensure rapid clearance of your goods through customs, correct classification of material for import as well as export cargo to ensure correct duty/ benefits to the customers. Our role is to ensure that all import and export cargo moves smoothly without unnecessary delays, while complying with all relevant statutory regulations. Our customs clearance agents are experts in local specifications, conditions and regulations. This on the-ground knowledge allows them to handle complete administration tasks for you swiftly and without complications. Our comprehensive menu of services incorporates preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities.

Land Transporting

Overland forwarding is a huge portion of logistics spent every year for most companies, and every year it gets tougher to manage service reliability from providers while keeping costs down. Sea Crown is the partner you can trust to deliver reliable service at competitive rates so you can continue to drive value from more efficient logistics operations. We are offering exceptional road transport to our customers within Iraq. We offer both local and long distance trucking services to facilitate the pickup and delivery of your shipments. We utilize serious and professional Trucking Companies to comply with our strict logistics requirements. The trucking Companies are fully bonded and licensed Trucking Companies to transport goods all over Iraq. Sea Crown provides a comprehensive range of services for all your transport and storage needs. By utilising the extensive professional logistical services of our Transport and Warehouse & Distribution team, you can rest assured your cargo is in safe hands. Our transport and warehouse staff are extensively trained in cargo handling including not only general cargo but also perishables, Break Bulk, Project Cargo and Dangerous Goods. Sea Crown is well equipped to handle the Storage and Distribution of your cargo.

Loading / Discharge Supervision

Survey for every type of Our Cargo Surveying staff undertakes are: Break the main aspects surface and air cargoes where some of bulk, Draft surveys for solid & liquid bulk cargoes, Pre-shipment surveys and verification.

Maritime Agency

Maritime agency included the following services :

Maritime agency services (Ports & Transit clearance through anchorages).
Arranging necessary clearance for vessel at berth / anchorage.
Organize cargo custom clearance.
Handle all relations with port authorities and operators.
Attend to the vessel needs upon arrival.
Loading / Discharging attendance.
Constant monitoring of your vessel›s position and up to the minute notification of all her movements.
Cash to Master delivery.
Organize and supervise the discharge of the vessels along berth.